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Was initially hesitant to order due to not finding a lot of reviews online, but my order went extremely well! I called first and confirmed that they did indeed have the item in stock (since it's rare) and a friendly salesperson confirmed that website inventory is usually accurate. Shipping was very fast and the box even had "zero point" branded packing tape on it. In other words, there was no need for me to worry. That said, they need more online reviews... so here's mine. Thanks again for a nice smooth transaction!

Stacey Wright

I had a wonderful experience; I was able to find a rotary sprinkler nozzle. I also picked up a few items for home improvements; I would recommend coming back. Friendly staff

Jackie Castillo

Blog posts

  • Introduction to Irrigation 101
    August 23, 2023

    Introduction to Irrigation 101

    Follow along with us as we begin our Irrigation 101 course. You will learn about soil types, water efficiency, infiltration types, and much more from these FREE videos.

    Stay tuned for new videos every week!

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  • History of Irrigation
    August 23, 2023

    History of Irrigation

    The struggle of the ancient peoples informs us about the other facets that irrigation specialists sometimes overlook, drainage and soil quality. While the Egyptians had a relatively easy time of it, the civilizations around the Tigris-Euphrates area (Mesopotamia, Babylon, Iraq, and Iran) struggled with drainage and salinization issues. Poorly drained fields can build high concentrations of salt and toxins. Salinity is difficult to counter and can be devastating to most plants.
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  • Modern Methods of Irrigation
    August 23, 2023

    Modern Methods of Irrigation

    The invention of the drip emitter in the late ‘50s in Israel was the next quantum leap in watering tech. Drip technology had previously been limited because the small holes necessarily used were prone to clogging. Simcha Blass discovered a way to use plastic pipes with larger holes, and a revolution was born.
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12618 Saticoy Street South, North Hollywood California 91605, United States

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